Saturday, April 12, 2014

Random Thoughts... Live as if...


And I believe I can simply only look back at this week with gratitude. And wonder.

And then more gratitude.

It was a week ago, a Friday night like tonight, and I sat down, poured myself a glass of wine and started writing. For myself.

Yes, that is a daily ritual, but last week, I felt myself in a different sense of writing, a different clarity. There was a different energy in those thoughts I was putting to paper. I can't say I was in a different sense of thinking. Maybe better said, I allowed myself not to think, or to over think. I simply allowed myself to write. Without putting any thought to it.

And maybe it wasn't quite "writing" as I am in this moment. It was more like mapping. Writing out an intinerary or an agenda (how harsh a word...) as though I were on a journey. I know where my starting point is, I know where I want to go. And as a Sagittarius by birthright, I love the journeys and the travels. I also (sometimes) love the little detours and unexpected side roads of those journeys too. And even when it is not what I expected, I am starting to learn more and more to trust, those too, are all for a reason. I'm learning to declare the destination, and start walking towards it, but to let life steer the way. I am simply learning to trust. To trust myself. And to trust life.

But last week in my writing, my mapping, it was all so clear. The start was clear. And the destination was clear. And so everything I wrote in between was very clear as well.

I had a conversation earlier that day with one of my clients... Explaining to her, on a business but also personal level, what I mean when I say, "Live as if... Work as if..."

And those that know me well, also know my conversations when I start on that philosophy of mine. They are best spent over a good cup of coffee, or yes, a glass of wine. But it just might be better if I save that conversation of writing with you, for another day.

However, I know there was an energy and an echo of that conversation with my client, that was still resonating with myself that evening.

The "intinerary" that I wrote was about the portfolio of clients that I am building with one of my projects. About the successes my clients are experiencing, and hence, the personal successes that I can experience through that. I take my work personally. Passionately, and personally. So I feel it right to call a professional success, a personal success as well. It was about who my clients are, and where my clients are. Literally, that itself was not only a mind map and a heart map, but also a worldly map.

I clearly declared my professional and personal passions. And that my clients are found in each of these.

A fashion designer. A jewellery designer. More clients in the world of interiors. A winery or two and then some. And a skin care line. Just to mention a few.

And I even went so far, as to name and declare a few of those that I would like to see as my clients. Those, that I would like to do magic for. And I simply sent out a wish and a prayer, that the perfect others, we'll find our way to each other as well. Those perfect others, that I can do good for, and that are good for me as well. That we both add abundance and goodness and purpose to each other and our intentions.

Well, consciously or subconsciously, I simply carried on living as if... And working as if.

Today, a week later and a glance over my shoulder, the magic didn't wait for me to arrive, magic came to me.

One new client with interiors. And another new client as a jewellery designer. But not just "a" jewellery designer, rather "the" jewellery designer that I had written down. With an exclamation mark.

And needless to say, they found their way to me. I didn't call, I didn't write... I simply lived as if. And I worked as if. I so to symbolically speak, cooked the meal, set the table and cleaned the house as if company was coming.

There was no expectation. But there was also no question. And there was no doubt.

And that's the secret, of the secret's secret.

Cook the meal, set the table and clean the house. Company is coming.

So, here's me in gratitude and in a state of wonder and all the more trust. With all the more gratitude.

It's all unfolding, just as it is meant to unfold.

I simply have to keep walking towards that goal, towards that vision. Not forcefully, but trustingly. And as if it's already there. Because it is already all there.

And for some reason, I just needed and wanted to share that with you. To remind you... Declare it. Speak it. Trust it.

And promise me, live as if.

Much Loves,

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