Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dare to Change Something...

Dare to change something today.

Whether it's drinking a tea, instead of a morning coffee.

Whether it's taken a different en route on your way to work.

Or maybe daring to wear that dress, you haven't yet dared to wear.

Or simply daring yourself to do just that. Dare yourself.

There is something liberating in change.

It enhances our courage.

And it all starts. with just that smallest change.

That one thing, we often take forgranted. Or underestimate.

That little change, that we often think won't make a difference.

Well, let me tell you. It does.

You might not see that difference today. And maybe not tomorrow.

Maybe you'll never know the difference it made.

But it does. It does. It does.

It does all makes a difference.

And in a small and gentle way, you are changing a world.

Your world. Our world.

It all begins with change. That small personal dare.

Dare to change something today.

Much Loves,


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