Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Full of Wonder...

"Look for the little wonders of life today."

Angela Gwinner

Look for the little wonders of life today.

Because that is when you find the magic.

The magic in those little wonders, that we often forget.

And often neglect.

Make it your purpose, to discover things today.

To see them with new eyes, as though for the first time.

Or even as though for the last time.

Things, that have already always been there before you.

And even within you.

Be on a treasure hunt today. Find those wonders. Everywhere.

And in everyone. Yourself included.

And don't forget to smile, and say thank you.

For each and every wonder.

Because that's when it begins.

Wonderful happens when you realise, life is full of wonder.

And more importantly, that you too, are full of wonder.

Much Loves,


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