Friday, July 4, 2014

Walk Your Path...

"Walk your path. Not the footsteps of another. Your path. Your steps.
Confidently. Walk with the head held high.  Eyes open. Aware. In the direction of your intention. You may detour, sidestep too. Sometimes you might feel lost. But keep the intention. And you will find your way."

Angela Gwinner

Walk your path. Following footsteps is such an effort. And exhausting effort. The strides and the steps of another are against your nature. A stride too short. A stride too long. A different pace. And walking in the footsteps of another, you keep your head held low. You miss the focus. You miss the journey.

And then you forget to look around. To see the short cut, or the most scenic route. To see the inspiration and all that is around you. You're simply keeping up, following, head held low. Looking at the path, and not at all that's around you. And that's tiring. Even all the more exhausting. And you're always a step or two behind. There's no catching up.

Find your path. Your steps. Your stride.

And walk it home.

Much Loves,


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