Friday, July 25, 2014

The Kiss of Peace...

This photograph touched me. Dearly.

I do not want to approach this from a political perspective.

Or as a political subject.

I want to approach this with an open heart. And with open arms.

And I want this to be about us.

You. Me. Us. Together.

The one thing that we all share, is that we are here now. Living. Together.

In this moment. In this world.

And that in itself is a common unity. And a common unity is a community.

This world and this moment is our community.

And what I can't understand, is why we still have all this suffering.

All this hurt. All this anger.

And what is it going to take for it stop? Or for us to learn?

I don't think I have an answer.

But I like to think, and I have this glorious hope,

that it is with moments like this that love becomes our weapon.

Love. And a kiss. And not letting anything stand in the way.

And maybe we can't wake up in the morning and touch the whole world.

But we can touch that what is within our reach.

We can make a difference in our own little part of the world.

And it starts with our families. With our marriages. Or our lovers.

And it starts with our friendships. And our colleagues.

And it carries on with our neighbours.

Even with the stranger passing you by in this moment.

What would happen if you just smiled, and said a little hello?

That is how one world and life embraces another world and life.

And that is what brings us together. In common unity.

We are all standing in the same room in this moment.

We have all simply entered through another door.

And each of us have entered the room with a different story,

A different experience.

However, we are all carrying something called hurt or loss.

And we are all carrying something called a dream.

We are carrying memories of our first kiss. And of our last kiss.

And the longing for the next kiss.

We are all mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

Not just of our generations, but of our own dreams and desires.

Of our tears and laughter. And of our fears and hopes.

And that stranger that just passed you by, the same belongs to him.

And that is what this photograph is for me.

Hope. And an answer.

A plea for us to love more. To kiss more. To embrace more.

Even if just with a loving glance that says,

"I see you.

I may not know all the stories you have walked and lived.

And you may not know all the stories which I have walked and lived.

But I see you.

And I will do my best to try to understand."

Those words, spoken with only a glance, can make all the difference.

Translate so many misunderstandings. And judgments.

For all these stories we ourselves have not yet lived.

This photograph touched me. Dearly.

It gave me hope. A hope I refuse to let go of.

Love. Let it be the only weapon we have.


Photograph Credits:
"The Kiss of Peace" by Benedetta Polignone.

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  1. I echo everything you said. I too have this undying hope that people will learn it's a wonderful thing to get along. (I blogged on the edge of this yesterday and have plans for an entry about doing the smallest thing for someone and it starting a change... you beat me to it! lol)
    Thank you for this wonderful thought. It's nice to know I'm not the only optimist/idealist out there.. it can be lonely being positive sometimes! =)

  2. Ava...

    You're not alone. And I'm not alone.

    And to be honest, these two in this photograph, probably so often feel alone as well. But we're learning the courage of our voice and our actions. And there are so many with us... These optimist and idealists. I trust that in my heart.

    Let's carry on being who and what we are!

    Much Loves, Angela.