Thursday, July 24, 2014

Give Yourself Permission...

"Give yourself permission."

Angela Gwinner

All around me at the moment, that's the message I'm receiving.

And as we know, the messages and signs suddenly roar like thunder when we need them most.

So yes, I am giving myself permission.

To dare more. To love more. To say "yes" more. To say "no" more.

I am giving myself permission.

To dream more. To live more. To fall when I need to fall. To stand up when I want to stand up.

I am giving myself permission.

To be a woman. To be a girl. To play. To be passionate.

To be vulnerable. To be strong. To be fragile. To be graceful.

I am giving myself permission to be courageous.

Even if I am shaking in my knees.

And I am going to give myself permission to ask you...

What are you allowing yourself?

What permission are you giving yourself?

Today? And for the rest of your life?

Dare with me. Be bold with me.

Let's give ourselves permission.

And a whole lot of Love.

Much Loves,


PS. And you also have my permission to permit yourself.

Just in case you need a helping hand.

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Encouraging Courage. Encouraging You.


  1. I started learning about giving myself permission when I read this book called It's My Pleasure (by Maria and Maya Rodale, a mother/daughter author team). It is amazing to me that I couldn't clue in that without pleasure and permission to do fun things, life just wouldn't be too great!

    So now I know.. and I'm going to answer your questions so that I reinforce in me the power of letting go and the power of saying yes to more of the good stuff.

    I am allowing myself more treats. Last nite it was chocolate orange gelato and pistachio gelato... and i ate it guilt free even though I am working on weight loss.

    I am allowing myself more time to create and doing it without guilt, since I know I need to do my j.o.b. to pay the bills. I'm allowing myself to balance it all out.

    I'm allowing myself more mistakes because how will i ever learn if i don't make a few mistakes now and then?

    I'm allowing myself more fun. I'm allowing myself to revel in the "you are so fantastic" energy being sent my way. I'm allowing myself to feel "i'm amazing" at my job, at my creative pursuits and my friendships.

    ... and there will be lots more of this. My time has come... and I've finally realized it! =)

    thx angela... this was good!! really good!

    1. Ava...

      That is exactly what it is all about. And I can't tell you how wonderfully proud I am of you!

      Yes, it's taken me a long time to learn this too. And I'm still learning. And I hope I never stop learning. And I hope, this little rebel in both you and I and so many others learns, that giving ourselves permission is giving ourselves strength, and love and understanding...

      Sending Loves and Adoration,