Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The First Time... The Last Time...

"One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, 'What if I had never seen this before? And what if I knew i would never see this again?'"

Rachel Carson

Learning to see things in a different light. Learning to be aware, attentive, appreciative.

It's like this with all things in life, I believe. Love as though you are loving for the first time. And loving for the last time. Embrace as though you are embracing for the first time. And embracing for the last time. Laugh as though you are laughing for the first time. And laughing for the last time. Listen as though you are listening for the first time. And listening for the last time. Stand in the middle of the world and reach your hands out as though it were the first time. And as though it were the last time.

Each and every moment we are given, is simply once. And once, is once and for all.

Much Loves,


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