Thursday, November 28, 2013

Random Thoughts... What Are the Things You...

What are the things you are saying thank you for today?

Take a moment.

I believe, even here we often hold habits... Giving thanks for those things, we always give thanks for. Maybe, today we should try to find those little things in life that we have not yet ever given thanks for. And maybe, that even means all the things we take forgranted, we pass by with a blind eye, or even the things we curse.

What would happen if we learnt to find gratitude in everything? Even in our pain, our loss, our worries. What if we were to realize, even in those things, there is something to be grateful for? Even if we can't yet articulate it, but simply give thanks that one day we will understand. Or simply to give thanks, that we have the strength to get through that storm.

And maybe, this is the question we should be asking ourselves not just today. But everyday. Making it a mission, to find those thank you's that we've never seen or felt before. To find those thank you's we've never spoken or expressed before.

Take a moment.

What are the things you are saying thank you for today?

Much Loves,


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