Thursday, October 23, 2014


"Discover what you don't know about you."

Ann Charisse Kelley

I read these words. And I fell in love with them. They penetrated beautifully within and found me asking the question...

What do I still want to discover about myself?

And that's what these simple words provoke.

The reminder to taste life, devour it. Each precious moment. To discover what it is you want to discover. Your life. Your one beautiful, God given gift of privilege and honour to be alive and born into this world.

Nothing is ever without reason. And nothing is without purpose. And especially you being here. Alive. Awake. Right now. You came into this world with the instinct and yearning and the fight to breath and to be birth yourself into this world. The Italians have such a majestic name for birth... "Dare alla Luce". To give to the light.

And that's what each and every day should be for us. To seek with all our determination, the light... That light being our purpose, our passion, our lives, our selves. And not just to seek that light, but to live with the realisation, that we too, are light. As long as there is life in us, there is light in us.

So go on a journey within yourself and towards yourself. Awe at every little bit of you, be in fascination. Discover yourself. Discover your life. And make every day a part of this journey. A beautiful, beautiful, passionate treasure hunt. Create new maps. Take the backroads and sideroads. Surrender to the detours and sometimes even the stumbling stones, because there's something beautiful to be discovered there too.

Discover. Journey. Taste. Devour. Breathe. Touch. Feel.

Be passionately curious.

And Ann Charisse, thank you so much my dear for leaving those simple and provokingly powerful few words behind here, for me to read.

Ann Charisse is a darling reader here at My Beautiful Words. I almost dare to say, I believe she found me since the beginning days, when I only had a handful of readers. Ann, I adore you so.

Mind you, I believe I adore all of you. I do.

Much Loves,


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