Friday, October 3, 2014

Change the Perspective...

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look
at change."

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

It's all about the perspective. And it's all about the stance you choose to hold, allow yourself to hold...

If you and I were sitting together at a table, I would see the table from my "point of view" and you would see the exact same things on the table, but from your "point of view"... But each of us, would see a different perspective... And there could be something placed on that table, that only you could see, and for me, it's simply not there. It's not visible.

And beyond that table, there's a room... regardless how big or small. And again, there's people and things in that room that I would have my back turned upon and only you could see. I'd have to turn around, I'd have to stand up, I'd have to change my perspective.

And this applies to everything in our life. Every moment and every experience, is unique... Not only for what it is, but unique for each of us. And it's all based upon our perspectives. And how we choose to look at things and from where we choose... From which point of view, and with which emotion.

A few years ago, a situation arose and my team wasn't having one of their best days. One by one they were walking into my office, upset and pointing fingers and throwing blame at each other like spitballs.

Needless to say, I wasn't having one of my best days either. Usually I'd slip into the role of Mother Goose and try to sort and talk it out with them. But on that day, I just wanted nothing to do with the situation. It felt so primitive and small at the moment. Irrelevant.

I always had a fruit bowl in my office... And on that day, I stood up, grabbed an apple, stormed into the conference room and placed the apple on the middle of the table.

I had a few strange looks coming my way. Questioning looks regarding my sanity. I walked back into my office, grabbed the camera and simply told my team, "One by one, I want each of you to walk into the conference room. There's an apple on the table. I want you to take a photograph of what you see."

More strange looks. And a strange and loud quietness. Hush.

One by one, they went into the conference room.

Ten People. The same room. The same scenario. The same apple. On the same table. Nothing touched. Nothing changed.

I printed out each of those photographs and we all met back in the conference room. I laid each photograph out on the table.

Some of the photographs showed a close up of the apple. Some of those photographs showed the whole room and you could assume that maybe, if you looked really close, there was an apple on the table. Some of the photographs were dead on center. Some of the photographs taken to the left. And some taken to the right.

Each photograph showed a different perspective. Each photograph was unique.

I still had a few strange looks. And I still had that strange and loud quietness.

And all I simply asked, was how could it be, that each person walked into the room through the same door. And each person saw had the same apple on the same table in the same room with the same light and with the same intention of taking a photograph... So how could it be that I had ten absolutely, astonishingly different photographs?

I walked out of the room and simply left them with ten photographs and an apple.

Nothing else needed to be said.

Yes, it's all about how we choose to look at things. And it's about how we share our "point of view". However, with the wisdom and understanding, that someone else, might just see the moment, the scenario a little different than you. There are fifty shades of gray, so to speak. And someone else, might just feel the moment, feel the emotion, just a little different than you.

And that, changes everything.

Much Loves,


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