Saturday, June 14, 2014

Treasure Hunt of Delight...

Make today a treasure hunt of delight.

Find those things that are always there,

but you have never taken the time to notice.

Take sideroads and backstreets you have never walked before.

Break a habit. Break a rule.

Be the exception. It is so damn liberating.

Make today a treasure hunt of delight.

Much Loves,


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  1. Thank you for today's thoughts, Angela. If I haven't mentioned it before I want you to know you are the first site that comes up on my screen when I sign in (it's in my chrome settings to open as soon as I open my browser.)

    Today's thoughts are especially appropriate for me.. hitting me right between the eyes. I appreciate that you continue to post what you feel should be posted... right from your heart.

    Thank you doesn't cover it.. I love your blog... <3

  2. Ava...

    What a beautiful message to find. I thank you for that.

    And I can't tell you how honoured I feel... Deeply. Dearly. Honoured.

    It is always what we do from and with the heart that makes the difference. Maybe that's the authenticity. Maybe that's what others can feel or understand.

    And I hope you had a beautiful treasure hunt. Today. And tomorrow.

    Let's go out there, and find those little wonders... Especially those wonders, that need a second glance...

    Much Loves, Angela.

    PS. I thank you for the smile you put on my face today...