Friday, June 20, 2014

Dream Big. And Bigger Yet...

"Use your intuition to make the right moves at the right times, and there is absolutely no stopping you. Dream big. No, even bigger than that. And have faith that the universe will support you in your endeavors."

Angela Gwinner


  1. perfect timing, angela!! doing some big dreaming again after lots of knocks in life! Feels a tad scary.. but so necessary! Love this one!! <3

    1. Ava, I hear you... I hear you...

      That's exactly the place I came from. Think of it as an adventure.

      And remember, you're coming out all the more stronger, all the more full of grace and your dreams... that's your heart leading the way. That intuition.

      Trust it. and dream big, my dear. And bigger yet.

      Loves to you, Angela.

  2. I'm on disability... trying to get healthy enough to not be on it anymore. And with that meager amount I "live" (if you can call it that!)
    I want to own my own place.. and in Vancouver, it's impossible enough when you have a good job! On disability... well that's dreaming big.
    Scared.. but it's a dream I must have. So I'm pulling out the stops...

    Thank you for reminding me to trust it. That's where the hard part is now... sigh

    1. Ava... You've already made your decision.

      You have decided to be healthy again. You have decided you want your own home, and in Vancouver. You have decided you want your independence and to financially put yourself forward.

      So now, put yourself in the sensation of any other "smaller" decisions you have met in the past. The decision of what to eat, or whether to buy that dress or not. In general, when we meet a decision in our daily life, and we meet hundreds of decisions a day, without realising it... We meet a decision and we (sub)consciously do what is required. Without thinking about whether we're making a mistake, or what if I should have done this, or done that. Our "smaller" decisions are met with such a clarity... and no doubt.

      We have to find the same energy when meeting the "bigger" decisions in life. Make it clear, do what you can, give whatever you do your best, and then trust that everything around us is aligning itself with our decision, with our dream. Everything aligns itself with our energy... be it our hopes, be it our fears. Whatever energy we nurture and ignite most.

      Ava, I've been in a similiar situation. Trust me. And I'm speaking from the heart with those words.

      Believe and trust. And do only that what is your possibility. But do it passionately. And do it with choice. And with confidence.

      I believe in you. I do.

      Much Loves, Angela.