Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Everything You Do...

"Everything you do, do it with Love."
Those are the words I wrote to myself this morning. On paper. With pen. A loving reminder, I needed to remind myself of.

I want everything I do to be filled with love, the essence and core of love. I want it to leave little trails behind, a gold dust of trails... The words I write here, I want to those words to be written with love. When I sit down to do my work, put my projects in motion, I want that to be done with love. When I pick up the phone, either to answer or to call, I want that to be done with love. When I pour myself a cup of tea, that too, I will do with love. I don't want to leave anything out. Not a single step, not a single thought, not a single moment.

And I will speak these words again and again, remind myself again and again, "Do it with love. Do it with Love. Do it all with Love.".

I believe when put love back into the focus of all that we do, that is when a shift occurs. Within us, but also around us. It becomes the energy we nurture ourselves with. It becomes the energy we surround ourselves with. Yes, maybe it becomes this little gold dust that we laughingly throw into the air and it does this beautiful dance around us. Yes, maybe it becomes our secret supernatural power... That little something that leaves people around you, wondering and saying in a Harry and Sally kind of way... "I'll have what she's having."

And maybe we'll never know of all the wonders and miracles and changes that our love can give and put into the world. But then again, maybe it's not even about that. Maybe it's simply about all the wonders and miracles and changes that our love first puts into our own life and world. And the rest... It just all simply and easily falls into place.

I wanted to share that with you today. Because just maybe, you needed that reminder too...

So here it is, with Love.


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