Friday, February 1, 2013

Strength and Dignity...

"She is clothed with strength and dignity 
and she laughs without fear of her future."

Proverbs 31:25

I remember the first time I read this verse, and in a most gentle way, I had to catch my breath.
It was the words, strength and dignity. And the words, without fear.
And I remember vowing to myself, that is the woman I want to be.
This morning, while preparing myself for the day ahead, drinking my coffee, making my lists of things needing to be done, and all the other little reminders, I caught myself with the worry or the little doubts that wander their way into the mind when we are at times least prepared for them. They can be overwhelming. And we all know those moments and we all know those thoughts.
But that's when we have to go into the quiet of our own mind, gather our own composure, and remind ourselves of our strength and our dignity.
And sitting there, suddenly these words came back to me. And I knew, I had to share them with myself again. But also to share them with you. Because surely, somewhere, someone else in this world, is sitting there with their coffee as well, feeling the fears and the doubts and the worry, and needing these words as well. Either today, either tomorrow.

And we are all clothed with robes of strength and dignity. When we embrace that in ourselves.

Promise me you'll never forget.

Much Loves,


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