Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Do It With Love...

"Whatever you do, do it with love. Or don't do it at all."

Angela Gwinner

Writing these words this morning, I found myself first wanting to say, "Whatever you do, do it with passion." And then I found myself visualizing different moments in life. Different tasks. Different situations.

And then I found myself with a personal admittance.

I am a passionate soul. And many things excite me and inspire me and many things set this heart of mine on fire.

But not everything.

Yet life sometimes requests us to do things that are not always the "I want to do..." list, but often on the requirement "I need to do..." list.

I can grudge having to do it. Or I can make a clear decision and say, this might not be my favourite on the to do list, but I'm going to put a bit of love into this... and surprise myself.

I can choose how I am going to approach it. Whether it is taking out the garbage (not just literally speaking, but also symbolically speaking...). Or whether it is paying the bills.

And then it came clear to me. I'd be damn good trying to convince myself that I'm taking out the garbage with passion.

But what I can do, is I can do it with love. The intention of love.

And love, I like to think, opens us to passion. All the more passion. And to gratitude. And to happiness. And to liberty.

Why liberty? Because it is a choice. A beautiful and empowering and liberating choice. Your choice. My choice. Our choice alone.

So. I quickly changed the words. And changed my perception.

Whatever you do, do it with Love. Or don't do it at all.

My morning thought. With a cup of coffee in hand. And you on my mind.

Much Loves,


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