Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

“My hope is that that this new era beginning to open, be an era of understanding for fundamental questions of health. That this period be an era of love and friendship between humans and among all peoples.” 
Grandmother Bernadette Rebienot

Today I spent the day with the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

It was an honour. It was inspiring. Humble and majestic.

And it was awakening.

There's a beautiful book which I read last year, and I can only recommend.

"Grandmothers Counsel the World. Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet", by Carol Schaefer.

Each of the Grandmothers was a grace of her own. Be it Agnes or Flordemayo. And a very personal encounter and heart's embrace with Julieta left me with an overwhelming blessing.

Thank you for today. Thank you for the experience. And thank you, for reminding us of the importance of our traditions and ancestors. But also reminding us of our obligation and responsibility to this beautiful life and world that we live in.

Much Loves,


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