Thursday, May 30, 2013

Believe in Who You Are...

"You are your greatest asset. There is nothing you cannot do. 
No one can keep you from your dreams,
 and only you can prevent them from coming true. 
Your achievements are not determined by your ability alone, 
but by the desire you possess to reach them. 
There are no worlds outside of those you create for yourself, 
and the only boundaries are those you establish and chose to live within. 
Never be afraid do defend your decisions, regardless. 
Believe in who you are. Believe in what you do."


A dear friend shared these words with me the other day.

How did he know I needed them?

Right there and then?

So I thought, maybe someone else out there, might need these words too.

I thank you for that Rudi. And I thank you for you.

Much Loves,


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