Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heimat Loves You...

Word of the Day... Heimat.

Stefan Strumbel | Heimat

Heimat is your roots. Heimat is where you come from. Heimat is home.

There are no borders with Heimat. And sometimes I believe, Heimat isn't even a country.

It is simply your story. It is what you were born into. But also, what you choose to live.

Stefan Strumbel, a German artist, is currently one of the most appraised artists of our time.

The New York Times acclaims him. Karl Lagerfeld loves him.

(And I am proud to call him my neighbour.)

Stefan gave new birth and meaning to the word "Heimat". He provoked it. He challenged it.

But mostly, he gave Love to it. And Respect. And he's done it without words.

He's done it with colour. With passion. With attitude. With integrity.

So tell me. If you were to define Heimat, what would it be to you?

What is your story? What is your passion?

And where are you going to take it?

Make Heimat your word. Because Heimat loves you.

Print "Heimat Loves You"

Limited Edition of 100.  For Art Karlsruhe.

Copyright Stefan Strumbel

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