Monday, May 4, 2015

Bring Back the Joy...

"Bring back the Joy in what you do."

Angela Gwinner

A few years ago, I was in Sri Lanka. For an Ayurveda retreat.

One of the last words the Doctor gave me as I was on my way home again, was "Find your Joy..."

And these words have been accompanying me since.

I believe at that moment, I didn't understand the full essence of those words.

But with time, and as those words have every now and then come back like a whisper, I began to understand them in a new light.

How often do we walk through our day, taking care of responsibilities and tasks, but more with an attitude of "I must go to work..." or "I have to call so and so..."

What happens, if we change those words with "Thank God, I can go to work today..." or "I really want to call so and so... It'll be so good to hear their voice..."

What happens if we bring back the joy... and then a good dose of gratitude?

I promise you, it'll change everything.

Maybe "Finding Joy..." isn't always about seeking our passions, but let's do a bit of reversal in things. If we start with what we have and where we are and with what we are doing, and add a bit of joy as the secret ingredient... Even if that first means, tricking the mind into feeling that joy...

That's when you'll stop seeking and whatever you are looking for will suddenly appear. Because most likely, it's already there... Inside you, surrounding you, or just around the corner.

But we are so occuppied with the "I must's..." in our lives, and "Must" can be a heavy burden to carry... that we often forget that simple little word.


"Bring back the Joy in what you do."

Just my little thought of the day.

Much Loves,


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