Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Return to Love...

How many of you have read the book, "A Return to Love", by Marianne Williamson?

I believe this is the most powerful, and the most passionate book I have ever read. And I could possibly write you a novel myself of books that have inspired my life and also influenced my life. But this book I believe, would be a chapter in that novel itself.

And it is a book I dearly recommend to all of you that have not yet read it. And it is a book I dearly recommend to all of you that have once upon a time ago read it, to take it in your hand and take it in your heart and read it again.

Sometimes I lovingly consider this book to be a dear friend. It so dearly embraced me.

I have this book on by bedside table. Often enough I find myself, simply opening a page. Intuitively. Instinctively. And it's never a coincidence that I find the words and read the words that I most needed to read again, to be reminded again.

And it is not just a book to read if you're in a hardship or suffering from a loss or an illness. Rather it is also a book to read when everything feels like it is just perfectly in place, this is a book that can strengthen you all the more.

So Marianne... This is me saying thank you. For a gift you've given the world. This is me saying thank you. For the lives you have touched. This is me saying thank you. For the inspiration you have given me. And the beautiful difference you have made.

This is a return to love.

And that's what I'm giving each of you... Right here. Right now.



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