Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Random Thoughts... Allowing the Imagination...

"The greatest gift that you were ever given was the gift of your imagination."

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Words I just shared with you. And words that I am about to write down on a piece of paper as I start a new page, a new chapter, a new book...

With words, written by hand. and words written from the heart... or maybe better said, words written to the heart.

I am going to use my greatest gift and my greatest power... I am going to use my imagination as I sit down to write my desires, my dreams, my manifestations and my prayers for the coming year. I am going to allow myself to be all the more bold, and all the more courageous with what it is I want to create and live and taste and experience and devour and accomplish and share and give and receive and become...

I am going to allow my imagination to take me on journeys not only on the maps of this world, but on the map of me and my heart and my destiny. I am going to let my imagination take me by the hand and guide me... And I am going to live a beautiful dance between surrendering and allowing life to unfold itself, but in the same breath to believe all the more and strive all the more and become all the more. I believe life waits to see if we have the courage to dance wildly and beautifully on our own before life joins us on the floor and starts to passionately tango and waltz and sway with us.

It was once said, "If you take one step to God, God takes ten steps towards you." And I believe sometimes, that first step is taken when we dare to imagine.

So I am going to imagine beautiful journeys and travels. I am going to imagine love greater than I ever dared believe I could give and be. I am going to imagine how beautiful it feels when I raise the veil of smallness and step into the glory of greatness. I am going to imagine more writing. More writing for myself, more writing for the world. I am going to imagine being published and I am being bold and courageous in even just saying that and allowing myself to speak those words out loud and not delete those words silently. I am going to imagine delighting and embracing more and more of my femininity. I am going to imagine more celebration my femininity. I am going to imagine how lightly and full of grace and ease my days can be lived. I am going to imagine my courage. I am going to imagine how magical it is to allow myself to fall... To fall into love and to fall into the sky and into open fields and fall into place and fall into life.  I am going to imagine my mornings of yoga and meditation and realising when I begin my days holy and sacred and centered, I live my days as such. I am going to imagine the liberty of being fearless. I am going to imagine abundance and how it flows to me and from me like the beautiful lull of the sea. An endless sea. I am going to imagine living in all the more gratitude. I am going to imagine and imagine and imagine... My greatest gift. And my greatest power.

And in writing these words here to you, and in the moment I sit down to write those words by hand and heart to myself, I am carving them in stone. I am bringing them to life and giving them breath. I am manifesting and allowing. I am creating and becoming.

This will be how the one chapter ends and the next chapter begins...

With my greatest gift. With my greatest imagination.

And with thanking you.

Much Loves,

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